Leeky Bandz – My Story Lyrics (feat. Casok)

This that real shit bro
Talk to the streets, you feel me?
I don’t rap for no nigga with millions
That’s why you ain’t gon’ like my shit

[Verse 1]
Had to cut them boys out, wasn’t movin’ right
It seems like I get caught in the camera light
Couple niggas got caught in the snitching life
It’s whatever, I can’t be the bitching type
And my left never conversate with the right
Bitch I float in the sky, I feel like a kite
I can’t sleep, niggas plotting to take my life
It’s whatever, I can’t be the bitching type
If it’s beef then you know I’m the gripping type
If a nigga shot me then I took his life
If a nigga rob me then I book his life
Put that boy on the menu, no steak and rice
I just hit it and dip, I can’t stay the night
I’ma show the receipt ’til they pay the price
I’ma walk through the dark ’til I see a light
It’s some things that my pops could’ve taught in life
It’s whatever, I still love him more than life
I don’t f*ck with my fiend, they the frauding type
So I had to fall back ’cause they all alike
I can’t fall for a bitch ’cause they all alike
Brother housed under rock, I’m the spoonin’ type
Man I’m just tryna get somewhere far in life
I ain’t talkin’ ’bout James, it get hard in life
I got knocked ’cause I didn’t know what was right
Hanging with the wrong crowd, wasn’t thinking twice
Got a be or a me, I ain’t thinking twice
Got your hands on your face, why you hiding boy?
Bitch I’m sippin’ on lean, not no Tylenol
I need Q’s by my heart, come and ride along
Once a nigga see black then my mind is gone
I got niggas that’s blowing, no saxophone
I got niggas that’s blowing, no saxophone
I would never fiend for a bitch that did some sucker shit, ayy
I would never fiend for a bitch that did some sucker shit
I would never fiend for a bitch that did some sucker shit, Bandz
I would never fiend for a bitch that, ayy

[Verse 2]
I had a convo with Vitto, we miss you
Wish I was there ’cause them shells would’ve missed you
Wake up depressed ’cause I wish I was with you
Prince said it’s V certified, I’m official
Throw dirt on K.O. and I’m coming to get you
Who is this killer, I’m ready to meet him
I take an Uber to hell just to hit you
Me, you, and Haley was stuck in the rain
Paint vivid pictures, I don’t need a frame
Pictures she drew, you got caught in the rain
Found out you died when I got on the train
I made a call ’cause I thought they was playin’
I’m stressing ’cause I wanna see you again

Ain’t go to your wake, I hope you understand
Ain’t go to your funeral, no I just can’t
You told me be loyal but these niggas can’t
We listen to Boosie, told me I’m the man
I said I want that bag and you told me you can
What would you do if you ’bout to get life
And they give you the paper to snitch on your man?
Rather just stay in the can
For that butter them niggas will jam
And have you doing life in the can
So don’t hang out as much as you can
So I stay from the fakes ’cause he hung around apes
Couldn’t be him so turned into snakes
So I cherish the moment
There’s no guarantee that I’ll make it to see the next day
I be stressin’ so I’m getting high, ain’t no promise that I get to see the next day
I be stressin’ so, ayy, ayy
Tell my story

I ain’t even get a chance to tell my story, ayy
Get a chance to tell my story, ayy
I ain’t even, ayy

[Verse 3]
Man I swear my whole life is a story
But all they see is honor and glory
I got hit by a con, you saw me
Then I prayed up to God and they scarred me
I don’t think ’bout the past ’cause it haunt me
Come on listen, there’s more to the story
I was trapped with them people that barely could talk
I ain’t throwing no shade, I’m just saying it all
Got up from the wheelchair, they taught me how to walk
From niggas die when that money comes short
Run since I jumped off the porch
Got more stripes than a ref, tell ’em look at the score
Every day after school getting kicked off the porch
Fighting and fussing, come up from nothing
Boys pull us over, we do not know nothing
Had holes in my pants and my family funny
I’m so convinced they would take me for money
I had a dream that my dream wasn’t coming
Come from the bottom where money’s an object and loyalty’s nothin’
Think you somebody, they tell you you’ll never
Put you on a plate with some cabbage and onions
Pour up that lean, take a sip like it’s nothin’
Rocked out and I feel like I’m living for nothin’
Say I’m bipolar, it come from the jungle
They say I’m bipolar, it come from the jungle
Yeah, yeah yeah

I take a sip of that dirty and all of my dreams they fade away
They fade away, feel like Michael J
They fade away, they fade away, they fade away
Bandz, you know I’m comin’ back 2017, you heard?
Loyalty over royalty
Shoutout to all my niggas
Free all my ones out the can, man
Free the real niggas, except for the rapists and the freaks, gang

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