Levi Lowrey – Whiskey And Wine Lyrics

Each time our eyes meet
I fall apart inside
Tried to resist you
And keep you off my mind
But we’re all alone now
And my wills so tired

‘Cause I’m drinking whiskey
You’re sippin’ on wine

I’ve got a lady I tried hard to hide
This aint my home, girl
And you aint my bride
But I’m in your arms now
Lost in your eyes

I blame it on whiskey
You can blame it on wine

Cheap motel here, this aint what you need

Just another white lie
Through red stained teeth
Sweep up my foot prints
When I cross that line

I’ll blame it on whiskey
You can blame it on wine

Now you’ll go your way
And Darlin’ I’ll go mine
Tho I’m sure I’ll see you
From time to time
Just don’t let me near you
No matter how I try
We’ll have no reason
To blame whiskey or wine
We’ll have no reason to
Blame whiskey or wine

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