Lil’ B – I No M Bleek Lyrics

They gotta love it
You know what I’m saying
Gutta Dealership
Why play around
Never been faking

All I do is spin with the DJ
I got the dope money on replay
I throw my set up in his face
I told the bitch suck my dick this way
After she done, go that way
Keep the bitch out, no backpage
Ayy, she a lesbian but what does that say
She a freak, backdoor
That backdoor on the fleek
Four runner, four runner, that’s me
Waterfront, waterfront, Lil B
Ocean view right there with the heat
Catch me, catch me on 7th street

f*ck around nigga, I know Memphis Bleek
f*ck around bitch, I know Jay-Z

That Gutta Dealership stretch, you know what I’m saying
You can drive a car damn damn near across the motherf*cking country nigga
You see niggas jogging around that motherf*cker, you know you definitely could drive
You know what I’m saying, Gutter Dealership
Man we got stores everywhere
You know I love you man, stay positive
Like I said it’s your Lil B man, f*ck with me

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