Lil’ B – Lotto Lyrics (feat. Deezy Dolla)

[Intro: Deezy Dolla]
Yeah man
It’s Deezy Dolla sign
It’s that lottery music
f*cking with Based God
Do it, do it, do it

[Verse: Lil B]
Heart on my sleeve like them Gucci cufflinks
To settle all my greed that is amongst me
I wouldn’t bang with anybody that’s not a snitch
Get your message across the beach
Who would have thought that little old me
Would get his own ship and be captain at sea
Leader of the deckhand crew
That’s me, hey
I don’t hunt, I don’t fish, and nigga I don’t sleep
I slouch over the couch, hunchback
I don’t got no girlfriend, I’m just black
Literally, figuratively
Not metaphorically, historically and reportedly
I been through the streets niggas try extorting me

I came back two times no forgery
Whatchu think about war with me
You better get your troops back so cordially
Shoutout DJ Toray
Shoutout Hieroglyphics and Casual
Imma tell you about me, I’m all manual
Imma tell you about them suckers no sandals
Playing this game, no manuals
Imma set these examples
I play at the top of the rim
Shoutout Deezy Dolla, that’s him
It’s Lil B bitch

[Outro: Deezy Dolla]
It’s Deezy Dolla baby
You know
And if you don’t know me you’ve seen me man
We out here
And we on one
Yeah it’s that Gutta Dealership
We just trappin’, trying to make it happen
No slacking
Look I ride to this shit man look
You know

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