Lil Durk Stepped Up For Healthcare Workers In Chicago, Donate Meals Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Lil Durk donated a lot of meals to healthcare workers in Chicago.

Everyone with the means to do so seems to be looking for a way to give back during these difficult times, and generosity can be especially meaningful when it benefits the people in the community that raised you. Despite living in Atlanta these days, Lil Durk is a Chicago native that cares deeply about his hometown. The rapper has a history of finding ways to help Chicagoans, and now he is focusing his time and money on supporting those working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic in the Windy City.

Durk and his associates stopped by Rush Hospital in Chicago on Friday to hand out free meals to healthcare workers. The boxed meals were made by Phlavz Bar & Grille, a restaurant owned by Durk’s manager. In addition to the meals being handed to workers on the spot, Durk and his team also had another one hundred meals ready for pickup when the employees finished their shifts.

Healthcare workers are not only the most at-risk group in the country when it comes to the possibility of contracting COVID-19, but they are also being asked to work extremely long hours, often without time to eat or sleep. Surprisingly these heroes with hot meals were a great way to show how much they are needed and appreciated.

Of course, Lil Durk and those who came along with him to distribute the meals were sure to maintain social distancing and minimize human contact. Speaking with TMZ about his decision to help out, Durk said, “Everyone back home has been in my thoughts, especially those doing something for the community and all the neighborhood heroes. I thought about all the first responders putting their lives on the line to help out, and it inspired me, so I took a jet back to Chicago to show my thanks.” Let’s all be a little more like Durk.

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This the side of me the world don’t show they rather see TMZ saying dead or in jail we going to get through this together s/o @phlavz for the meals #OTF

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