Lil Gnar – Wants and Needs (Drake & Lil Baby Remix) Lyrics

One Take

Painted with purple to match with my syrup
My choppa got titties to match with my girl (skrrt)
Niggas say that they rich but I know that they capping
Draco in the trunk and you bet I’ma blast it
Bank and deposits and clockin’ Dre’s ashes
I’m smashing the gas on the ‘vette, losing traction (skrrt)
Young C.E.O, came a long way from trappin’
They see this my year, I don’t even gotta say it
Fuck with the bros you get stretched in the payment
I’m heating shit up see the sweat on they face (what what)
Call the promoters and tell them to pay me
I hop on the stage and the kid get it ragin’ (what what)
Knock out a nigga, I feel like DaBaby
My next day I’m out so I don’t even know they face
He talking slick got his neck on a shirt
2020, I need twenty a verse
Shoutout to Uzi, I slide with the Uzi
I’m finna go do a drive by out the ‘vert
‘Till I get 24 million I ain’t chilling
My clarity go in the streets and get chilly
I jump in that pussy and stretch it and kill it
Don’t do for feelings that’s just how I work
Bust on her titties, she dripping like fashion
I hop out the ‘ghini and skrt in the Aston
That brand new Aventador sound like a dragon
Got swag like I got the chrome heart on my fabric
Ran up the commas, I’m finna start braggin’
Don’t care bout Corona, I’m rockin’ a mask
Louis V monogram all on my bag
And I bought all my smoke and this shit really potent
Started at the bottom and built me a business
Somebody tell Kanye “I’ll make him a billion”
See I done diamond my shit, got appraises
We rockin’ that fool shit, no we ain’t the same
I don’t talk smoke on the internet
I’m just gon drop a new bag and say “bring me your brain”
Double R truck I don’t bring out that Civic Si
Two out the window, I’m finna make it rain
Walk in the bank and they know me by name
Finna hit wifey and make me a chain
FN it blasted and bullets like pellets
I’m poppin’ my shit, finna put on the gang
Keep my foot on they neck and that shit it Margelia
I saw they face and I kick it with fantasy
He talkin’ shit and he woke up in heaven
Then why not her too man, I been tryna tell you

Trap, got a lot of feens on my line, need the bag
Got a lot of drugs on my mind, goin’ up
Every single day I’m on that grind, feelin’ love
With that came the money’s on my mind, hit the plug
And I ran off every single time, at the spot
Got a lot of feens on my line, need the bag
Got a lot of drugs on my mind, goin’ up
Every single day I’m on that grind

Pull up

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