Lil’ Muk – Living Life Lyrics (feat. Lil Baby & Yxng K.a.)

I am Greytest
Ayy Kyd, make me a beat like

[Verse 1: Lil Muk]
It be something ’bout your vibe that be throwing me off
Middle fingers to the ones remember counting me out
If he speak up on my game, ain’t gon’ running your mouth
It won’t never be the same, feel like I’m letting you down
They tried to kill me, had to tell ’em that I’m sticking around
Hallucinations of my homie when I’m facing the loud
I make mistakes, but this time I swear I’m making it count
We catch a casе, I shut my face, no, I ain’t making a sound
You get abused by thе internet, no, I ain’t into that
Tahoes tinted black, my flow sicking that
Catch him outside, grab that chopper and we spin it back
Free [?] all my niggas, they was in a cell
Too many cameras like a dozen shots gon’ fly out that car
Put respect up on my name, my son gotta carry it on
I cannot give you my heart, baby girl, ’cause half of it’s gone
I been that nigga, I was wilding since the day was I born
I don’t bite my tongue, that shit hurt
Been through pain, I’m a winner
Don’t play no games with beginners
PB J was for dinner
I cut ’em off, hit the scissors
Too many times, I done been hurt
How can they not get the picture?
I got more shots than the Clippers
I told my mama that I got her so many times
I told my brother that I got him so many times
No, I can’t trust you, all my life they told a nigga lies
We in this race and I’ma see him at the finish line
And p*ssy, I ain’t got no rat
Nigga want that smoke, we pull up knocking off his head
I remember [?] told me it’s a target on your back
They don’t love me how they said, man, I know that that’s a fact
And they gon’ come for me one day, I put like thirty in my strap
And that still ain’t enough
Don’t give a f*ck about your kid, why would you play with us?
Don’t give a f*ck ’bout what you did, we let them bangers bust

And if he really want that smoke, it can get dangerous

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
I be all on [?] you niggas soft, you boys can’t hang with us
Shoutout [?] from Slauson Ave, we ashing angel dust
Check out all my pics from [?] four fingers up
Everybody spiff it, they official if they bang with us
Used to think I can’t win, goddamn, my chain hitting
I call G5 twin, we both get loads in
We drive the same Benz, this ain’t the same Benz
He was tryna go that way but that road closed, his lane ended
Going forward, gotta get it, I ain’t gon’ never let it haunt me
BDG but we do everything on Front street
Brand new Jeep, every corner, I make the tires bleed
You can’t despite me, nah
Living life and these niggas living lies
Living life and these niggas living lies
Living life and these niggas living lies

[Verse 3: YXNG K.A]
I ain’t expect this but I always knew I was chosen
I never expected so many bonds to be broken
I’m like f*ck it though, them folks know not to speak unless they spoken to
We ain’t ducking no action, we keep tools
I move smooth around these loose screws ’cause I got shit to lose
Niggas don’t really want no problems, heard they hollering for truce
Why these niggas watch my every move like they ain’t got no life?
Low life, I be in my bag, I might pull up on a nigga ho like
“Give me that,” f*ck her from the back and send her back
We do plenty that, that’s a Fendi fact, go check the stats
We got automatic guns with us in traffic, like what’s cracking?
I don’t believe these niggas when they rapping, niggas be capping
All these niggas living lies, all these niggas in disguise
I ain’t f*cking with them guys
I can’t go out like these hoes, no
Sticking to the G code
I ain’t telling no lies

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