Lil Reese Says He Is Not Blind Amid New Graphic Video Shows Aftermath Shooting

Lil Reese issued a statement dismissing rumors that he is blind in one eye after getting shot.

Reports of a shooting in a Chicago parking lot on Sunday morning stated that rapper Lil Reese and two other men had been shot in an apparent dispute.  According to the Chicago Tribune, Reese suffered an eye injury but was later announced to be in stable condition. 

However, a 27-year-old man also present at the scene was shot multiple times and rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.  Police reportedly discovered a stolen Dodge Durango at the scene and have now revealed that Reese and his affiliates were in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Little is known about the exact sequence of events at this time, but it appears that a 55-year-old man tracked down his son’s stolen car Sunday morning only to find Lil Reese and his friends inside.  The man may have attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest, but the confrontation eventually resulted in gunfire from both sides.  A graphic video taken shortly after the shootout is now circulating online. 

In the footage, Lil Reese is scene laying on his side and losing consciousness as a great deal of blood leaks from his head.  A police officer is talking to Reese, likely trying to keep him alert, as he calls on his radio for backup and medical help.  The woman filming seems somehow involved in the situation and continues to yell at Reese and his friend along with the Durango owner who is yelling off screen.

Had we not known that Reese is now is stable condition, the video would be even more disturbing. Thankfully, the rapper is reportedly on the mend from injuries that appeared dire. Nobody has been charged in the shooting at this time, but Chicago police say that they are still investigating the incident. 

A day after the shooting, reports surfaced online claiming that he is blind in one eye after gunshot crazed him during the shooting. Reese is now calling those reports false.

“I’m good I’m not blind or shit don’t believe what you seeing on internet I don’t even kno where tf they getting all these fake ass stories from,” he said in a statement posted on SnapChat.

Lil Reese survived a near fatal shooting in November of 2019 as well, and fans are surely hoping for another full recovery.

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