Lil’ Tracy – When It Rains It Pours Lyrics

I thought I, I didn't know anything
Like a ghost
When I was little, the sky was closer, so much closer
That's why I like the rain, it's like I can smell the sky coming

I run it up, don't have no time to be tied down
She f*ck me good in the bed, I can't sleep now
Never went to school but my bitch got double D's, yeah
My diamonds wetter than a drink
Lil nigga, say "Yes, Sir!" to a king

Look inside my dresser, Balmain (Balmain)
Yeah, the only nigga in my city
Yeah, that got hoes in Beijing
Diamond cuts, I got attacked by a bear
My bitch bad, rub her feet, pull her hair
Yeah, when it get cold, I throw on that Moncler
f*ck a model, pass to my bro's
Ask me how I feel, just know I'm lying if I say good
If I could trade with my cousin, I would
If I could trade with my brother, I would
I would

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