Linoskiii – Beat Tapes Lyrics

I let my demons play with devils of my lifestyle
Just to feel excitement and thriller, maybe I might smile
A night out with no rest, you can see here
Happiness is rare, but all they ever see, tears
Hoping it’s a moment in my broken life that hopefully will pass with time
But time ain’t passing fast enough for master of disaster with the rapture when I’m plastered
Trying to reach my dreams, but don’t know what the hell I’m after
My conscious, always talking nonsense
Slawed by humanity, the man in me is offset, pause it

Let my lyrics sink inside your mindset
My content, has you straight tripping when I drop shit
A killer on the mic when I’m onset
To everyone that chat with their kid with a Latin accent
They say I’m callous, but my music says otherwise
Cos everyone that listens to my album gets butterflies

Somehow when I’m alone, I always feel my healthiest

And wonder if it’s wrong for a man to feel this emptiness
Inside of him embracing it, with open arms he says:
“I rather be a lone wolf than have a million friends
And I’d rather die in my room with twenty-three cassettes
Each for every year I lived with beats catered in my name”
I roam alone, in my zone with my solitude
And make my presence known when I flow with great magnitude
I put a record on, play it to the break of dawn
Accompanied by beats that I manifest to songs
That’s why I’m never lonely, son
I got my beat tapes and three takes
I take the whole scene like it’s a sweepstakes
You should be my friend just to be safe
Listen to my songs, automatically I seem great
And when I’m dead and you’re missing my haikus
Just know that I’m alive when you listen to my tunes

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