Linoskiii – Casablanca Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don’t really want to say much, I’ll let the beats speak
As my homie, Frank John turns this sample to a beat
But, I’m a mellow, jello fellow, smooth flows
Soothe those eardrums daily, until they soon grow
Out the music that they’re accustomed to
All attention on me when I bust a few notes
And I hit them perfectly, to a perfect pitch
A certain effort wrestles when i’m on this shit
Lino Skywalker, the captain of his own battleship

I’m off to war until I drown in a bottomless abyss of self misery
And I’m passionless, until the world judges me on my callousness
My life used to be colorful, but now my life is colorless
Sorta like an old school cinema film

(If I describe it right, I see the world in black and white
I see the world in black and white
Black and white, black and white)

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