Linoskiii – Hiatus Lyrics (feat. Madd Mary & Crude Cognitive)

[Verse 1: Linoskiii]
They seem to ask me why I don’t release quite often
Why take forever to put out a single project?
And if I did, you probably won’t buy it
Cos you think that ten bucks is too much for something I put time in
Work on your albums for a course of a couple years
And people think it’s not worth your blood, sweat, and tears
It doesn’t phase me, I let these people be
That’s why i make this motherf-f EP for free
Cos I don’t think that you should pay if you don’t think it’s worth it
Plus, I always have to break bread with people that are worthless
Which I don’t mind, but in the end, nobody’s profiting
Just hoping that you people share my music for marketing
Cos I ain’t got a big-ass fan base like some do
And if you stuck around this long, just know that Lino loves you
Sorry for lagging on the music, hope you understand
I’m busy with my life right now, trying to be a man

[Verse 2: Madd Mary]
Peace to my lawyers, listeners, chiefs, supporters
Those that stayed in my corner I lay it for ya
I disappeared for a hot minute, cos like you I gotta pay the mortgage

Just know that I’m not ignoring ya
Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems
Trying to put food on the table while chasing dreams
An emcee, and ever since I was a tween, so I hustle
Stay laced in these sixteens
But in the back of my mind, I know that everybody wants something for free
But if you digging the music, would it kill you to buy a CD?
Cos you don’t seem to have a problem putting a G down on a brand new TV
So don’t ask me why I cancelled all my visuals like a Sinio
I’m at the top of my voice, but y’all don’t hear me, though
But I still write this right aside what’s a [?]
Before my demise

[Verse 3: Crude Cognitive]
Not a hiatus, I just needed time to reconnect
Lucky I got fans that stuck when other people left
Just understand I hold standards to every single breathe
I’m always making sure I lay these beats to rest
People will pay if they love it, that’s what I’m hoping now
Been trying to find a way to find a promise, so I hold it down
Plus I try to scribble until y’all feel what I’ve been through

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