Linoskiii – Take Me With You Lyrics

Take me with you
Tell me how much longer
Cos since you’ve been away I’ve only tried to remain stronger
A different entity, I guess it was your destiny
I only ask that you watch over me, don’t stop protecting me
I miss you much, never did you hold a grudge
And it gets hard to implement some of your teachings
But you watch
I’m slowly getting there
Later I’ll get grayish hair and maybe then I’ll understand the visions for which once you cared
You never got to see me graduate from high school
And sometimes with your absence I do feel like this life’s cruel
But now I’ve learned to move forward on my own tip
Learned to deal with things better, finally got life’s grip
I loved you dearly and I always did acknowledge

The fact that you were really proud to know I’d go to college
And a recent graduate, just received my bachelor’s
Learned to play the life game, but next to you I’m amateur
Still the saddest on this planet with your absence
Didn’t shed a tear at your funeral, but fact is..
That deep inside I was screaming ’til my soul left
And felt it leave my body in a relatively cold breath
And my cousin’s doing good, that’s your daughter
After all, she had you to idolize as her father
The fam can talk shit and say you were a drunk
But regardless of it all, I just remember all your love
And I just made this song to tell you that I love you
Cos I never got to tell you that in person

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