Linoskiii – The Storyteller Lyrics

Shoutsout my man, EQ
Frank John James, yo

[Verse 1]
Hey man, the sun is coming out, right
I think I’ll go outside and enjoy a little sunlight
They’re saying I should put just a little sunscreen
But I don’t think I will, man
Cos I embrace my dark skin
Feels like a good day, I’m really optimistic
And my car ain’t turning on, but I’ll find a way to fix it
Before I know it, yo, I’m cruising down the ten west
About to pick my homie, Frank John, from his duplex
And make some music, cos that’s all I want to do
And sometimes I want to give it up
But dawg, you have no clue what it feels like
To not have something to fall back on
Plus, I get inspired everytime I hear a whack song
I got the mellow style, for you I put soul in it
That’s why my music is so different, a cold lesson
You won’t ever understand, brother I was born with it
Not many people seem to like this mellow flow
That’s why I don’t perform these types of songs at my shows
That’s why they criticize Blu for his performances
But, if you listen to his lyrics, dawg
He really has a doper set
I’m not trying to impress a certain audience
It makes a lot of sense, and not everybody will vibe to this
And those that do, understand the mechanics
Of lyricism and criticism, never has me panic

I never claim to be one of the dopest on the planet
But I do wish to inform you, that my music is organic
The shit you like has pesticides and the best will die
Eventually with time, if you keep putting the best aside
And you’ll have no good music to refer to
Cos what you think is dope, it’s really not, it’s disrespectful
But, who am I to tell you what is whack or not
Who am I to tell you you could never be an astronaut
Who am I to tell you that your music choice is whack as shit
And artists that you listen to, need of lot more practice
And no one, I’m just a man with an opinion
And the chances I make sense to you are a one to a million
But I’m trying to help you see the light and I hope I score
Feeling like Jehovah’s Witness, man Cos they close the door
And bob their heads to something not worth listening
And when an artist dies
All of a sudden fools are missing him, or her
But for now I’m just a blur
Hoping when the time is right, my music will be heard
I’ll probably be gone by then, I’m really not that sure
But you’ll see what I was talking about, man that’s word
Just know my name is Linoskiii, or Lino Skywalker
I put my heart on these tracks, I write my life on them
A twenty-first century, story-telling, rhyme author

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