Little Jack Melody & His Young Turks – Buccaneer Days Lyrics

There’s a ship in the harbor
Over there with a flag
Every tar is a captain
Every last scalawag
Skull and crossbones, Jolly Roger
We are hyenas of the sea
Looking out for number two
It’s a living, piracy

From Suez to Majorca
From Peru to Madrid
We absorbed and we pillaged
When it doubt, we outdid
All the booty, all the riches
Truffling with our caviar
Hollow-legged, hollow-hearted
That’s the way we pirates are

Yo ho ho and I want some more
Yo ho ho, arr arr arr

Shiny objects from Singapore
Yo ho ho, arr arr arr
Some of those and some more of these
Yo ho ho, arr arr arr
We don’t ask and we don’t say please, no
Yo ho ho, arr arr arr
More, more, more, more, more

Look how low in the water
Loaded down, plundered stuff
Feast your eyes, acquisitions
Yet it’s not quite enough
There’s a monster always grumbling
And the monster must be fed
And the monster’s never sated
And the ocean’s always red

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