Little Jack Melody & His Young Turks – Slouching Towards Bethlehem Lyrics

Slouching towards Bethlehem
Night after night
Stars yawning overhead
None of them bright
And the angel is down there in Florida
Had enough of the halo and wings
Now it’s shuffleboard, henna, and lethargy
And “bingo” is all that she sings

Slouching towards Bethlehem
Rough as a beast
Blue neon dragging me
Off to the east
And the wise men are lost in a reverie

Spilling dreams over glasses of gin
And the best-laid intentions to go abroad
Gonna wind up in Reno again

And the mirror ball
Constellates and spins
As the guy sings how he lost her
To the summer wind

Swerving, weaving
Spawning up a sidewalk xylophone
Drifting in the awful blackness
Slouching all alone

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