Loser – Another Sad Song Lyrics

I tried making shit that wasn’t sad, that’s my bad
‘Cause it didn’t work and now I’m even worse
(Nah, nah)

Time flies when you don’t notice it
I only wish it wasn’t different when you did
‘Cause then I might actually be over shit
And then maybe by now I would’ve actually had a grip
But it’s hard to hold onto nothing
Not to mention when you used to be and held yourself
Guess I should’ve saw it coming

And maybe listen to the people who could see themselves
After everything we’re nothing
Funny how that works, let’s face it
If time would show instead of tell maybe more of us would be patient

I’m sorry to the angels that I gave hell
I’m finally grateful I was raised well
Couldn’t put it past me to be hate-felt
I should’ve made you happy but I can’t well, atleast I tried

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