Loudon Wainwright Iii – I’ll Be Killing You (this Christmas) Lyrics

from Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)

I’ll be killing you this Christmas
‘Tis the season you must die
Though there’s no way that you’ll miss this
A Bushmaster’s on my wish list
My right to bear arms you cannot deny

I’ll be shooting folks this Christmas
But there’s no need to be worried or alarmed
What’s wrong with a handgun
When everybody has one
Which is why we all need to be armed?

That’s right I’m armed and dangerous this Christmas
It’s an oxymoron I don’t have a sound
But you won’t pry my fingers from it

My precious second amendment
Guarantees a clip that holds a hundred rounds

Santa’s packing heat this Christmas
In your school your church and your department store
The evidence is hazy
Background checks can’t kill a crazy
We need firepower that can win a war

And so I’ll be wasting you this Christmas
And the NRA they lobby so it’s so
I love our great nation
The real world is my PlayStation
I’ll blow you away beneath the mistletoe
I’ll be killing you this Christmas

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