Low Cut Connie – Rio Lyrics

Me and the boys are going to Rio
Going to bring some strangers in our room
Hang out at the casino
And we’ll never lose
Yeah, yeah

Me and the boys from San Francisco
Love each other more than we ever knew
We’ve seen each other in our Speedos
And in the nude
Yeah, yeah

Going down, invade the street
Going to find ourselves something strange to eat
Feed ourselves, feed ourselves again

Bribe the bouncer to let me in
Bribe my brother just to be my twin

Feed ourselves, feed ourselves again

Sometimes you feel like you wanna be a hero
Other times you just want to sit around and drink some booze
But me and the boys, we just hang out in the disco
So we don’t have to choose
Yeah, yeah


Well me and the boys are still stuck in Toledo
‘Cause they found the dime bags in our shoes
And I had to sell my old tuxedo
Just to talk to you
Yeah, yeah


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