Madlib – Road Of The Lonely Ones

“Road of the lonely ones” is the new single taken from Madlib’s upcoming album in 2021, Sound Ancestors. The record is arriving January 29. Check back for the updates.
Sound Ancestors album arranged by Kieran Hebden.

‘Road of the lonely ones Lyrics’

Now is the time, now is the time. Right now.
(Road of the lonely ones,
Now’s the ??)

[Instrumental/vocal break]

Where did I? Where did I go wrong?
Can you tell me now?
Did I ever treat you bad?
Or did I ever do you wrong?
Or did I? I’d like to know the answer girl,
Where did I go wrong?
I must’ve done something,
I must’ve done something wrong
To be left here with such a lonely soul

(Road of the lonely ones,
Now’s the ??
Road of the lonely ones)

[Instrumental/vocal break]

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