Man Arrested for Killing Two Young Pakistani Women in a Video

Man Arrested for Killing Two Young Pakistani Women in a Video


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A man suspected of killing two young women in Pakistan has been arrested by police after a video showing a man kissing them gone viral on social media. Muhammad Aslam accuses of having shot the pair, whom his brothers, age 18 and 16. The man in the video, the owner of the phone on which it films and the women’s relatives also in custody. Rights group says violence against women continues to be a serious problem in Pakistan. They kill in Shamplan village, in Garyom region mostly on the border of tribal districts of North and South Waziristan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, last week.

The area is a remote region which is socially conservative, where the tribal rule is frequently following over federal law. Activists estimate that about 1,000 such “honour killing” murders carry out every year across the country for transgressions in social codes. While the 52-second long video allegedly shoots almost a year ago, it goes viral a few weeks ago.

Also arrest of Fida Wazir, whose phone uses for making the video-accusing of sharing the video on social media. One victim’s father and the other brother are now in police custody for refusing to report the murders and concealing facts. The Waziristan region’s tribal codes mean the mixing of sexes is unheard of. The video as such came like a surprise.

No Complaint Lodged

The relatively new police force in the region-brought in only two years ago, after Waziristan and the wider tribal region brings into the mainstream rule of law rather than managing their own affairs-decided that it had to act. Since the “honour killings” handle as an internal family matter and no complaints lodges with the police, officers from North Waziristan act on their own strategy to lodge a complaint when statistics of the surface of the killing.

Police originally arrested the suspects for murder but have since added provisions relating to mischief-making, destroying evidence and cybercrime. The mischief provision forbids the heirs of a murdered person from forgiving the perpetrator. It is in which otherwise allowed under the Islamic laws promulgated by Pakistan in the 1980s. Yet they also have a way to go to make a foolproof case against the perpetrator. An immediate challenge will be identifying the dead bodies and carrying out autopsies on them.

Police suspect the family whisks the bodies away to the nearby province of South Waziristan, where they bury. They say to discover the graves, they coordinate with the police in South Waziristan. They’ll need permission from a judicial magistrate to exhume the bodies. It is the assassination of a family member who believes to have brought dishonour to relatives.

Human Rights Watch advocacy group says the most common explanation is the victim:

  • refused to enter into an arranged marriage
  • was the victim of a sexual assault or rape
  • had sexual relations outside marriage, even if only alleged

But killings perform on more trivial grounds, such as dressing in a manner. It seems inappropriate or displaying behaviour seen as disobedient.

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