Manchester Orchestra – Keel Timing Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Thunder inside my head, it's rolling
Thunder inside my head, it’s just rolling
I'm a dog, you're the cops, I am roaring

[Verse 2]
Don’t let them in your bed, we're lying
Don't let them in your bed, he is lying
Little more, little more, he is biding

[Chorus 1]
I was folding slowly frozen change for you
And it wasn't right, but it wasn't wrong, it was holy

[Verse 3]
I think I'll start again, slowly
Help rearrange my head, slowly
I'm the woods, you're the fire, interloping

[Chorus 2]
I was smoking red light glowing flame for you
It wasn’t mine, but it wasn’t wrong, it was holy

Hold me now
No, I will not repeat myself
So hold me down
Yeah, all I do is rеpeat myself
[Verse 4]
Something insidе my head, growing
Something inside my chest, growing
Little more, little more, who is holy?

[Chorus 3]
I've been coping slowly soaking change the truth
It is in the heart, it is in the blood, it’s in the story

So love me now
No, I will not repeat myself
So love me now
Yeah, all I do is repeat myself
There's comfort in the constant quell
Now I'm awake and I don't know how

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