Marley Marl – Cheatin’ Days Are Over Lyrics

Verse 1

Al called me up about a quarter to six
Said Hey Nice, whats up with tricks
I got a cutie coming over, and she’s bringing a friend
Why dont you keep her busy while I go and hit the skins
Now I know I wouldn’t have called you if I knew you wouldn’t do it
Besides she’s cool and in an hour you can troop it
Thought to myself, I guess it sound cool
He said she had money was a scholar in school
I said OK cause see Al’s my homie
Besides I don’t front when it comes to tenderonies
Hung up the phone through on my dip wear
Had a half an hour before I had to be there
Got to his house he seemed surprised
Something was wrong and I could see it in his eyes
Stepped in the house and what did I see?
Her on a long couch sat Beauty and the Beast
Stepped to the cutie, Al said No
Trying not to laugh cause he knew it was her
He proceeded upstairs with the cutie on his arm
Said it with a smile, you can call that Yvonne


My cheatin days are over [X5]

Check it out

Verse 2

Well I told her my name, I didn’t want to diss her
But I almost broke fool when she asked me to kiss her
I said lets leave take a ride or something
She said 100% I know a pump thats jumping
She took me to the Boonies, I met her friends and goonies
I saw a brother staring and growling looking loony

And Al told a lie see Vonne was broke
With a played out lease and that silver and gold rope
She must have got her hair on an ad on sale
Because she had a ballhead and with a pony tail
Man was I steaming just buying her drinks
Kept slamming them down everytime I blinked
She had a throat like a snake, hands like a rake
Eating and drinking, I had to put on her breaks
I said hey G you’re getting hot on my collar
I’m not your damn mother and I’m sure not your father
If you bother with a man that’s said he’s had enough
You just might get snuffed


Verse 3

After me digging and shooting the facts
She called me a bum I said I’m on to your trap
Since the night begins you’ve been burning more money
Now you’re calling me a bum you know you’re kin of funny
I think that you should wake up or use a different make up
You’re really trying to play me and I’m really bout to smack up
Your grill kind of ill, hitting hard like Bruce Lee
I’m short like Spike Lee, Kick you in your right knee
Grab you round your neck stand you up on your feet
And take you out with the DDT
She was feeling real offended but I really didn’t care
Called Al with the flavour then I drunk a few beers
I learned my lesson about trying to be your lover
That’s why my cheating days are over



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