Marshall Crenshaw – Right On Time Lyrics

I had a strange dream one time
There was you, Bobby Vinton and me
In a hotel ballroom full of marble and mahogany
Somebody shouted, “Let the joy begin”

Everyone and everything was rocking there and then
But there were holes in the ballroom floor
Leading straight into the blue sky
Where the planes fly

I took a wrong step and just like that
I was falling downward in a tailspin
I woke up then and just in time

I see a beautiful bluebird on my window sill
And a one eyed black cat moving in for the kill
And then I see you pull up in the drive
That’s enough to make me more than glad to be alive

You’re always there when you say you’ll be

And I know I always will remember last December
For some reason or for a few
Through a dark void I was crawling
When you came calling, and right on time

You came along right on time
Lonesome was my middle name
And then right on time
You came and changed the game

You wrapped your sweet love around me
And put my feet back on the ground
You talked me down, brought me around
Right on time

When I thought that the end was near
Thought I faced the final curtain
Of which I’m certain

That was when you came walking in
And changed the atmosphere with your smile
Saved my heart from the junkpile
And right on time

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