Mehki Raine – Freddy’s Revenge Lyrics

f*ck all these niggas why they cappin now
Shoutout the producers they sending the packets out
I’m feeling like Django I feel unchained
I’m losing my mind I’m going insane
I’m feel like a zombie I’m munching on brains
Bitch I’m a menace I’m feeling like Caine
I’m feeling like Freddy I leave you with bloodstains
Heart attack bitch, I leave you with chest pains
I’m the king of this land, this ain’t Brisbane
Knocking your shit, just like a freight train
Above all you niggas top of the food chain
On a power trip I’m high octane
Like the rich white kids off the cocaine
Killed all you niggas that is a closed case
This is a victory where is my champagne
This shit is so sweet it taste like a sugar cane

I’m going so crazy I feel like a Super Saiyan
This is my legacy I will forever reign
Ambidextrous shit I feel like I’m Max Payne
These words like ammo I hit you with Heavy Rain
She sucking me up just like a hoover
I creep in your thoughts I’m a intruder
Red and green I’m Freddy Kruger
Please don’t move won’t have to shoot ya
Marty McFly go back to the future
Cut all that shit addressing the rumours
Is what you found what you seek?
I am a monster now do you believe?
Shit will get bloody head on the concrete
You feel protected hiding under your sheets
This is your nightmare welcome to Elm Street


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