Mehki Raine – Left, Right Lyrics

She’s in love with the finer things
Ain’t seen this side of things
Ain’t seen what we could bring
High notes course I made her sing
It’s funny niggas won’t suck it up
It’s funny how niggas just f*cking suck
These niggas is bitches they f*cking clucks
It’s sad you ain’t realised you f*cked it up
Bringing a message
Don’t need a Smith and Wesson
Been less than a year
I’m shooting straight up
Who is these niggas testing
Don’t need a f*cking weapon
My hands lethal possession
I’m moving like lethal weapon
Ain’t talking about Glover or Gibson
Just know I’m a man on a mission
Just learn to play your position

Or end up in bad condition
Imma lyrical technician
Calculate moves got nothing prove
Imma stay winning I never lose
You niggas stay sleep yeah you on the snooze
I’m in sports mode while you in the cruise
Running round niggas I leave em confused
Writing these rhymes like I’m Dr. Suess
Murdered the beat left it battered and bruised
Listening to me I’m sure you’re amused
Killing the beat moving real smooth
Soothing ya ears and that is truth
This shit is on fire when I’m in the booth
Fiending for music like f*cking crack
All of these niggas is f*cking wack
And that’s straight

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