Mehki Raine – Stupid! Lyrics

[Verse 1]:
He’s, sick of the pain man
I’m f*cking raging
I cannot f*ck with these niggas
They f*cking lame and
Do this shit for the money
f*ck fame fam
These niggas syncopated
I rearrange them
They battle for control
These niggas arseholes
Nigga take a seat
You a barstool
I do not play these games
I am rascal
I am a king
And this is my castle

[Verse 2]:
I ain’t versatile?
Niggas on bullshit
You need fixing nigga

Lemme bring the toolkit
Foolish, these niggas real fools
I don’t play fair
I’m the one who made the rules bitch
Niggas make excuses
She fell in love with my words
Like they were arrows from Cupid
These niggas stupid
Came through sneaking
Left them real clueless
Go and Blue’s Clues this

We just got a letter…
Look who it’s addressed to…
You stupid! (Stupid!)

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