Michael Aldag – Divorce Lyrics

Your mother's on her second divorce
Do you think she realises yet she does have some flaws
I hope she does, she probably won’t though
She's far too caught up with getting her eyebrows done

She's forty-four

She reminds me of you
I see you went ahead and did all of the things I asked you not to do
It doesn’t even matter anymore
So don't text me asking how I am ‘cause I've told you before

Your mother's on hеr second divorce
And I thank my lucky stars becausе that would've been us
You would be fifty in the hot tub, talking ‘bout your botox
I'd be crying in our bedroom because we're selling the apartment

I wonder who'll take the dogs
If it were us then you could have them ‘cause I was never that fussed
I wonder if you know how many times I could’ve done what you’ve done
Kicked you while you're down then upped and left when all you needed was love


Your mother’s on her second divorce
And I thank my lucky stars, yeah I thank the Gods above
You would be bitching in the restaurant, pointing out where I had gone wrong
I'd be sad mainly because I'd never see you with your clothes off
But be happy for your friends, they'd never see my face again because they hated my every move
And I hated them too
f*ck you, your mum and everyone else
How do you live with yourself
Once a cheat, always a f*cking cheat
f*ck you, your mum and all of your friends
I hung on ‘till the bitter end
And got nothing but lies and deceit
f*ck you, and everyone else

Your mother’s on her second divorce
It's not about her, it's us
I gave you everything you know
You just let me go
And now the next girl's going to be so hard to trust

f*ck you, and everyone else

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