Michael Guy Bowman – Looking For A Rock Lyrics

Please forgive me – I was not privy
The words I needed I'd not heeded
Now I see that I've made a blunder
I'm looking for a rock I can crawl under

I've enforced such a needless course
To a mindless goal that consumed my soul
But now that I've been torn asunder
I'm looking for a rock I can crawl under

Don't ask why it took 'til now
Cast your stones, I'll take my bow
If you think you do no wrong

Then you've been under your rock too long

Judge me as you would judge yourselves
We have all get skeletons on our shelves
If we don't let them fossilize
Our pet rocks will rule our lives

Though it's an impediment
I won't turn to sediment
Before you bring your gavel down
Look at the gravel all around

Wait a minute we're getting ahead of ourselves here

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