Michael Guy Bowman – Touch My Brain Lyrics

I’ve been turning on and off the radio
Looking for a way to go, a way to win

Skimming through the books and watching every show
There’s too much to know, plug me in

And oh, how I’d like to be there with you
On your level, in your memories, on your plane
And oh, how I’d die just to share with you
Crack me open
Happy groping
Touch my brain

I can deal with scanners and inception
My reception is open wide
‘Cause I believe in making true connection
Full injection, crawl inside

And oh, how I know you’ll be happy here
Full steam ahead mate, it’s my dream boat, break champaign
And oh, how you’ll flow through my hopes and fears
In the background

Set the trap now
Touch my brain

Have mercy, have mercy
I’m getting so thirsty
My dendrites don’t bend right
I need them to mend right
The wonders are plundered
So you’re going under
I’ll keep you, we’ll creep
To the light at the end

Get behind the drywall in the wiring
You’re inspiring, breaking ground
The waves of change are breaking in my wavelength
I have saved strength, it’s found

And wow, what a cow I must seem to you
Fistulated, reinflated by your will
And oh, what a show it really is, you know
Time to strap in
Make it happen
Touch my brain

Okay, now you’re touching my brain
I don’t really like it
Get out

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