Molly Burman – Everytime Lyrics

This happens every time
Give ‘em two weeks and then they’re saying goodbye
You didn’t do wrong but you also didn’t do right
Every time
Don’t know why I'm surprised
Maybe I thought that I could catch someone's eye
But you only glanced
Couldn’t be bothered to spy
Every time
When will someone like me enough?
I know I act tough
But when will I be more than nice and fun?
I’m someone to leave behind
I'm not stuck in your mind
When will I be
Exactly what someone wants?

Do you want (you want, you want) someone kind?
And someone who always knows their own mind?
Or do you just not want me?

There's no future to see
But what's with all the rudeness?
Manners are free
At least have the balls to say it
Don’t just air me

So easily
And you weren’t even that nice
You only complimented me about twice
When I spoke you were more focussed on my thighs
Nice Guy

I wish I could give you a feedback form
I really wanna know what I did wrong
What if no one ever will want me
And I’m just gonna have to want me?

I think I’m great
A laugh, good date
I’m always kind
I'm there to talk
I’ll run, I’ll walk
Guess It’s your loss

When will I just like me enough
I know I act tough
But when will I see
I’m more than nice and fun
Not someone to leave behind
Stuck in my own mind
When will I see
I’m exactly what I want
I am (I am, I am) someone kind
Someone who always knows my own mind
And won’t care who doesn’t want me

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