Monster Squad – On The Edge Lyrics

Like a knife to the chest a f*cking bullet would feel best
Just can’t feel just can’t relate so much anger so much hate
When you feel dead inside my emotions I try to hide
To your face I seem calm but inside it’s like a bomb

On the edge
And nothing to loose [x4]

Just can’t wait to explode and you’ll know my hearts gone cold
Can’t believe you’re so wrong what the f*ck is going on

So confused so distraught my chest is cold my fists are hot
Just wanna get outta this place smash this bottle across your face

I’ll feel better when your gone you think you’ve done nothing wrong
And you know that pisses me off well f*ck you it’s your loss
Please don’t call please don’t write and you know I’ll be drunk tonight
Do you know how it feels it’s so f*cked up it’s so unreal

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