Motives – Death Throes Lyrics

I can’t waste my time waiting on a savior
Here we are at the center of the world
Everything within our reach
The simple pleasantries gets taken away by the night
Into the ether, they fade
My hands are empty again
They showed me how to kill a god
Now, I am alone
Ingest and consume what is given to you
It won’t mean a thing when you’re gone
When can I see you again?
I bleed for no cause
I am a silhouette of everyone around me
And my pulse is fading
Here we are, standing at the edge of the world

What makes you feel alive?
What keeps your heart beating?
All that’s left is an ocean of black
So throw me into the deep
I’ll fall forever in this emptiness
We’ll fall forever in silence
I used to think there’d be something for me
So when my afterimage dissipates, will you remember me?
Throw your roses as we turn to dust
Under a blanket of dead leaves
Upon the frozen ground we sleep
I’m so tired
Disintegrate with me
We’re staring out into nothing

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