Mr. Lucci – Getting High Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Let me take another choke of the reefa smoke
I gotta roll up another and another
Like a dime or a double I’m on houble
Like I’m I am floatin on a bubble(hmmn)
Ain’t no trouble wit me rollin the bink
The only trouble wit me is my holdin the bink
Cause when I blaze I hate, I parlay all day
Wit my niggas who can’t plus a dozen of sweets
Now mary jane is my love that I keep
The only one that show when she creep
The only one that I know where she sleep
The only one that can blow like a freak
The only one that can hold my piece (fo real dough)
24/7 gettin twisted and blowed, blowin cakes til my lungs explode
Lettin the good green indo flow threw my lips then out my nose
Pullin sweets and optimos thru my ho dressed in the finer clothes
When the bitch nigga flexed up
She call me slow then she tells me go
I don’t know what I’d do without the blazins of my flamin boo
Through my arm steady, keepin my game in tru
Keep a nigga steady clamin you
I admit keep nigga spendin number while they changin you
When the bags gone in we threw
Or betta yet when the bags gone when we begin
On a hunt for another session wit a fella Texan
Where it’s 10 to get in
All day & night she just hold me tight
Like pit bull bike, like a g&fight
I can’t see it no other way
But me and Mary Jane alone without a joke let’s ride!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Smoke wit me, that indo weed, that hennessy
Let’s get high, touch the sky
Smoke wit me, that indo weed, that hennessy
Let’s get high, touch the sky

[Verse 2]
See I’m the type that a grab the weed & roll it up solo Johnson fool
Cause everday situations got me lost me in amazing shit
Now I’m wishin I was back in school, I mma break the rules
Smokin weed everyday of my life
And heavenly or everyday that is trife
I be the crook in the night
When my took a look at our life
And found mary as a bigga delight
So baby take swing to the right
And let me kiss you smoove
Leavin my niggas down wit the things you do
I don’t care that you be f**kin wit them niggas is cool
But later on tonight it’ll be me and you
Got no time to prove how deep is my love
For ya bout as deep as the seeds grow
But let me tell you something
I been knockin down dos for ya
Pistol pack where the weed ho
Hit the sweet and I’m blowed
In my superior mode
Playa I’ve been on the grind tryna get it grind cuz i live it
Cool, calm, relaxed, straight, and while I’m straight
Make a playa feel like he chillin the whole day
And feelin it all day
Mary Jane to the brain I’m in love wit ya
You know you need to spend a dub wit ya
Plus I know you really love mista
So won’t you put me on the level like you do all the bud niggas
I be tryna chill but the only way that I can do that is to get a new sac
Call up my crook niggas and my tru cats Mary is waitin to the back
Relax ain’t nobody gonna find us fool
It’s Mary Jane smoke out the room
Glass eyes no doubt, Lucci bring anotha bag wit you
So we can smoke til the sky is blue


[Verse 3]
I’mma smoke til I can just can’t smoke no mo
See me runnin to the block to the corner store
Just get a fresh pack of optimo’s
Cause the blow so slow wit my dou to dou
I’mma a pro when the cold is so
In the glass house smoked out movin it slow
Don’t smoke don’t stress no mo
It’s the best to you know
Get my mind stir fried like a vegetable
Puff puff til my lungs explode
Now I’m gone in my own zone, country slow
I can taste her when she feel my throat
Cuz she prevoke the choke
And leave me f**ked up singin a note
Mary Jane I’m in love wit you girl
Cause you hold me down
For never ever see me frown, when I’m comin around

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