Mr. Sos – Fraud Felines (aka Too Many Cats Be Fakin) Lyrics

Too Many Cats Be Fakin, here’s their assassination [whispered] [x2]

Yo, too many cats be fakin, here’s their assassination
I had to do it or there would be a mass invasion
Let’s take it back to basics
You never had a bracelet when you came into the game
Now you acting flagrant
But when you’re dead it’s worth nathan. And if I snatch your datans
You’ll feel as dumb as a bush when you see the work that was wasted
You’re like a rat that’s racing only to still stay trapped and caged in
But you’re just another house cat that’s fakin
And too many cats be fakin
Sick in the head, I’ve got the vaccination
A touchdown – I call it pass the bacon
You are what you eat so men are pigs with a knack for hating
I’m not a p*ssy, I don’t eat it – I just stab and taste it
I swallow pride, not just mine – Jack, you’re wasted
All you have I’m taking like you got busted for tax evasion
Famous rappers are shaking waiting on the day I make it
Cause all the tracks they making are based on false accusations
And too many cats be fakin
Like a journalist writing fabrications
Bringing turbulence to the craft I’m raising
Purchasing burners to insert em in raps that say that they are murderers
That’s as absurd as saying Shaq is Asian or Jack Black is Jamaican
I wouldn’t back that statement up if you contaminated my food with crack and I ate it
And every passing day I smell the trash inflating
I wanna try to sit back and take it, but I lack the patience cause

Too many cats be fakin
Like fraudulent felines who be high off of a potent catnip agent
But my back is achin cause it seems the planet’s ape’ing,
Grab an apron cause half is fried and the other half is baking like the comic actor, David
We’re attacking strangers
If you’re ready for war expect public decapitations
That’s kinda nasty ain’t it?
Too bad I had to say it
Bad blood is bubbling because of aggravation
Now every cat be fakin the same way commercials get mad rotation
See? Or you need eye examinations
Huge tools to distract your neighbors and sidetrack our generation
THAT’s why mami’s ass is shakin
It’s kinda fascinatin isn’t it?
Ethernet suckin so all’s into it as the Matrix
I blast a tape of Cee Lo Green to catch an inspiration
Cause we need more soul machines working at the station
To stop these cats from fakin and help em get their souls back from satan
So they could see the right path and take it
A light is activated
And if you see it you have to chase it or ignore it and your casket’s waitin
No exaggeration
Don’t do it to yourself like masturbation
Confess like taxi cabs in Vegas
Cause if you’re fakin, rather than attack your nation
I’m a bash your face in and give it multiple laceration

So stop fakin!

[Bridge: x2]
Too many cats be fakin
Here’s their assassination
Too many cats be fakin, here’s their assassination
I had to do it or there would be a mass invasion

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