Napoleon Da Legend – Above The Clouds Lyrics

[Hook: Guru]
Above the crowds, above the clouds
Where the sounds are original
Infinite skills create miracles
Warrior spiritual, above the clouds
Raining down, holding it down

[Verse: Napoleon Da Legend]
Above the clouds flying land back without dying
Alpha minded outshining standing on Mount Zion
I douse fires, the outlier, I out liars
Outlining how these cowards’ out of line
On the outside shining, while ya insides is dying
Guess out of sight is out of mind
My insight is science
Ascend to higher heights, messiah-like, flight or fight
Everyday I’m on it like I’m about to die tonight
I’ve been the type to dodge and weave shots and hypocrisy Hip-Hop I breath it and I live it, this is not dream

Supreme being, fifth element, this is intelligent
My mind is sharp like a pimp in his element
I get a check bill belichik and still keep my self respect
Put it on the line till no regrets is left
The path I took I never recommend we different men
I level up and grab the flag when the level ends
I make ya mind stretch to think and that’s on everything
Casually step on my throne I was born already king
Would be foreshadowing my route, overshadowing your clout Triumph without a shadow of doubt
And it’s unanimous, the magnanimous, the money magnet and the man commands attention from the cameras
Switching up parameters I deliver the damage and it nothing
Got u covered like the health system in Canada

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