Napoleon Da Legend – Afrostreet Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse]
Africa Africa celebrate the Path of Kings
Path of queens Africans drums and vocals we trafficking
Culturally we hacking in and blackening like Kaepernick
The whole system we cracking in / devils try to trap us in
Eating casavas leaves Mataba thru the poverty
Where you think the homie Socrates learned his philosophy
The reference the origination original nation original man
Mineral riches that lie within the land
Cooper the diamonds the gold, coltan cellphone that’s in hand
Rays from the solar that give ya tans
Understand the politics the petro-dollars and the anthropologists acknowledge it Nah I’m not an apologist
Destructive consequences of the colonists raping our women and imposing their religion and stripping us of the wisdom

Of an ancestors now we living clandestin
Manufacturing weapons that kill a man in seconds
They keep us separate the Chinese, the Americans and European companies own us and it’s embarrassing
But you can never tame the power of the melanin
The god power within genetics that’s underneath the skin
We must learn or history gonna repeat again
Strengthening our people and communities the key to win
Blackness not a lackey never lacking
An assassin unifying all the factions everlasting
Introducing this Afrostreet the new genre
Upgrade your download speed go head and cop it

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