Napoleon Da Legend – Always Lyrics


Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend
Made you got through a lot still you stuck with the kid
You made do with whatever it proves you’re in love with the kid
Would always cook for the kid always look good for the kid
Mom dukes gave you the co-sign that’s a good look for the kid
You never hid your insecurities and inner fears with the kid
Worked on my career and you never interfered with the kid
You never had to guess my love for you always made you know
Goddess in the flesh with the power to give life like H2O
You amazing yo your glow is like no other I seen
Waking me up on mornings looking like the love of my dreams
Keeping my head above water when it was up to my knees
And now I’m looking at our future and I love what I see
Sacrificed a few things budget on a shoe string still
We took trips nothing equates the light that you bring
We built our life together brick by brick You never talk slick
Kids learn to walk when they trip today we flying high

Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend
There was a big phase in my life when I was fresh out of trust
I made relationship decisions solely based out of lust
Attracted a reflection of my vibration at the time
I was impatient and life made me pay for it half the time
But then I changed and in time still can’t believe that I’m here
With you the first time we kissed was Applebee’s in Time Square
I told you kiss me mami had to throw my manners out the door
It blew my mind the way your curves fit in the pants that you wore
But it was much more a level of comfort I never felt
Your heart was genuine with your sexy feminine self
You’s a gem with a wealth of love to share climbing up the stairs
My love for you everyday increases like the bus fare
Sky is not the limit where I go I’m seeing us there
Respect understanding loyalty and plus the love’s there
Girl you get the whole plate loving you the old way after death
I request a resurrection with my soul mate make it happen

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