Napoleon Da Legend – Charles S. Dutton Lyrics

[verse: Napoleon Da Legend]
Arsonists spitting arsenic
Slurping parsnip soup at the table got the right chips for bargaining
Hearts darkening using white chicks for marketing
Charles Darwin logic know I’m nice with the jargon I’m a juggernaut
Conglomerates hot sneak in the governor’s spot
Get in her wives drawers like southerners got
I hold the covenant my attitude is stubborn as rock
Motherless blocks
Where black men be getting cuffed by the cops knock knock
Don’t answer the door fire escape skating out
We an army get entire states taken out
Empire State making out Bitcoin that big noise Siegfried and Roy
That kid playing with big boys
Flip toys you Chips O’hoy cookie cutter
Beat u off of 10 years and these is just my rookie numbers
Lay low looking bummish
Already booked for the summer
A hundred and miles and running like I took something
But still I’m having memories of high speeds when the cops crash
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Cross that
Shred the documents that say where pacs at
When u left we lost that raw rap u saw that ?
When they see make em do like Pope and kiss the tarmac
Many dreams is all I had and plenty wishes
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Like the holy grail to a christian I had to go and get it
The nerve of them to leave me off of bad and boogie
A couple of movies, now the whole world’s tryna screw me
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Damn I’m trynna to enjoy the fruits of my labor
U ain’t a goon you a beta
I’m out here moving this paper you know the
The Media’s trying to test me
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Fishing for scandals tryna trap me cause they wanna X me
Misery is all I see that’s my mindstate
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Planet of the apes gorilla primate
Me and my fate go on a blind date
They tried to bury me I’m worried
[Napoleon Da Legend]
My soul is unsullied rock a skully thru storm it’s getting ugly feeling like I’m
Falling to pieces am I guilty?
[Napoleon Da Legend]
For trying get filthy owning my master and some realty f*ck with me

Show me a miracle I’m hopeless
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Off dopamine I’m overdosing
Coping with emotions of the roller coaster
One minute it’s up one minute it’s down
My friends ain’t around I’m living in a cynical town now
Don’t messing funerals I’m stressing and going nutty
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Feeling like McGilly cutty I don’t really know who love me
Fell back I had to study look at my past
Flashbacks of busting caps anything for money
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Next to the DJ booth smuggled the box cutters
My next door neighbor have convos with undercovers
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Watching my 6 it’s getting hot in the city shots of Henny wondering who could be plotting against me cause
Everybody’s dying am I next
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Paranoia in my head hard to decipher a friend from a threat
Or will they kill me when I’m sleeping, two to the head
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Ya alleged death is still a mystery to the feds
But never mind got this shorty on another line
Telling me she missing me asking me to spend some time
Now she’s telling me to visit, who else is home?
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Looking at my phone somebody tryna split my dome
Kept talking I’m a entertain her
See you later, to all the players watch the sly way a nigga played her
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Respect the curve drove to the burbs to lay my head
Had to exit like Bruce lee in the game of death
Felt it throughout my frame brain is depressed
She whispered in my ear and I smelt the pain in her breath
Her claim to fame was to f*ck a celeb
Shorty was stuck in some debt she became a plug for the feds
She dealt drugs and was addicted to meth
My only mission was sex bang it a few times she was refreshed
She had some pms took a washcloth for the blood
Charles s Dutton cloth that I’m cut
I’m Just glutton
I’m in love with this fast lane max Payne
Burden on my shoulder walk a mile in my shoe
You catch a back sprain

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