Napoleon Da Legend – Ikki The Phoenix Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse]

Open hands smack head that spam jolly rancher rap dead
I caught a lap dance on a jet
Rooster head ass promoters is like Feds
Got flic with u in it, I’m a post it when I dead
I don’t associate with crochet boys
Laughing at y’all f*cking with them low grade toys
U probably got a buzz making “ok” noise
In a few years still going nowhere boys
This my slow flow minus being corny as f*ck tho
Was drunk tho, y’all still be riding the bus tho
The littiest, my african jewelry be the prettiest
Quartz on my body to balance my meridians
Knock ya chakras out of ya teeth you exposed, who the next tho?
Every single week I switch up dress code
Metal head Destro, destroy ya little set
She came with an Uber to wipe my little sweat

[Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2]

All praise due
To the negative shit I’ve been thru
Cause without it I wouldn’t have been who
I became and u would have never knew

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 2]

Clout chasing on the cloud u a clown
That goes for anybody else who shout u out
Gasoline tank I’m a douse u out
Strike a match, watch what u saying out ya mouth
I’m the gold standard 44 cannon, straight old fashion organic
Give you em the home court advantage

And still spazz on em, I don’t care if he’s the king of brunei
Even if he got a police badge on em
Heed that warning u can’t reach that form write ya eulogy out and then I read that for em
Most elevated y’all cats ‘ll lose from the gate
When I step in that grin’ll get removed from ya face
Rehydrate, fresh like leathers from 98
Got heat that’ll turn ya sunshine to cloudy days
Used to be f*cked up in the game now I’m straight
Took the backdoor from my mental jail and I escaped
Pray for my rivals they awaiting my arrival
Tribal chanting in a circle then fry you
I’m a United and a builder, hiphop raised u, gave u hope and u f*cked around and killed her?
You ain’t acting ya age or ya wage
You just another snow flake turn slave
Got ya whole ancestry turning in they grave
Purify ya in ya ashes and burn sage
Respect my bastion, we brainstorm war
And this ain’t what u really use a chainsaw for…
This is O2 fuego for y’all whole crew
Take it to the man and whoever controls you ….
Wisdom with a gold tooth not the same old jewels
Cats be talking this and that but there is no truth
Catch in the White House chilling with no shoes
Listening to old school tunes with the pope too

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