Napoleon Da Legend – Letter Lyrics

[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
Now Ever since my birth on earth I would roam for miles
In case I never get to holla at my unborn child
Since an adolescence I learned lessons
Everybody knew I was a go getter would do whatever but nah
I didn’t know better I had grow fast
Changed cities like a nomad
Parents Took me to the states I was young
Speaking in my mother tongue seen kids tote guns
B-ball was first love
I Would run to the park first Thing when I woke up
I had the hoop dreams a few groupies
Would take a cutie to the movies but
Life would humble a few times
If you seek you will find had to find myself a new grind
(in)stead of giving up I got better
Hope you understand my love letter
To my unborn child

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]

Moved from DC to Brooklyn never looked back
When you go against the grain you get some push back
Nobody gon give to me so I took that
All the worrying and stress I just shook that
People talk let em talk
Somebody do you wrong cut em off let em walk let em go
Set goals from get go and let em know
And Keep investments stacked in ya escrow
Let em guess ya next move don’t tell em yet
And when you drunk don’t send a text
Social media’ll mess with ya brain
More or less like Jay said gotta learn na love with regrets
Stay around folks that like-minded
Those who don’t believe just let the light blind em
Pressure make diamond the world will see u shine
You’ll understand in due time
To my unborn child

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