Napoleon Da Legend – Sucka 4 Love Lyrics

[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
Looking at you from behind baby girl you fine
First time we dated and the conversation blew my mind
She spoke with such eloquence about ya life plans
Elegance had thoughts of her being my wife man
I know I’m speeding passed the limit what can I say?
She caught me playing off my pivot and I felt a way
Door step should’ve left but she took me in
Didn’t wanna think about what could have been
Now we 4 weeks in she asking me for help
Her mama sick up at the hospital and she can’t pay rent
And plus her check won’t be deposited till next week
And said she’d get right me back and started sexing me
And like an R&B singer playing my favorite song
She had me wrapped around her pinky finger I was gone
Figured out she didn’t have a job
She was scamming me and 4 other guys I’m a sucker for love

[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Finished f*cking her brains out we were dumbing out
Turning up in the bed cussing each other out
We would do it up in public in all the stores
Bathrooms fitting rooms even outdoors
She’d come visit on her lunch break would break her off
Make her cum put her clothes on and shake it off
Our addiction to the sex kept us coming us coming back
Was an assassin in the sack but besides that
Constant arguing and drama the set backs
I seen her cursing out her mama that’s a red flag
Threaten to leave now she riding on my coattail
27 missed calls and 6 voice mails
Nah nah nah I’m done with her someone come get her
I love her ass but I don’t like the shit that come with her
She stole my heart like a crook
We back at it one drunk nights all it took
I’m a sucker for Love

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