Napoleon Da Legend – World Traveler Lyrics

Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend
Props to the go getter from the ghetto block to Soweto
Back to Palmetto streets police cock the metal
To settle beef politicians rhetoric’s weak
I rather Netflix and chill with an ebony freak
With the Prestige of an elderly chief check out my melody
I’m like Carmelo in the scene it’s Po the Eloheem
I make em fiend for that new fix serve em like we
Move bricks make the game adapt to this new script
They say freedom is a life without fear
I knock em out I’m looking like a young Tyson out here
Minus the Custamato used to lust for the bottle
Once you make a dope product then the customers’ll follow
Tear it up till the kid is buzz worthy and colossal
Got the Holy Grail drank Jesus blood up in the Gospel and so

Chorus: Napoleon Da Legend
Respect to the legends who resting in peace
I take this art to an extra degree
Every day another lesson for me
Just manifesting who I’m destined to be

Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend
They love to ask me what I think about the Hip-Hop state
That Shit’ll be good as long as I’m in tiptop shape
In time I realized it’s not about the bills I make
Cause the realest shit always end up outliving the fake
3 in the morning I got hit with an epiphany late
I am my worse enemy square off with him everyday
Success fail fail and success hell and a heaven
Heaven and hell freedom or jail God and the devil
Ascended master and false prophets it’s a universal law
This whole universe revolves around opposites like
Christians with yamakas yelling asalamalaikum
Doing a Buddhist meditation with some models naked
The climate change maker the common denominator
Connor mcgregor in this octagon I’m dominate ya
PharoahGamo that’s my moniker The World traveler I can sell out a tour in Antarctica

Chorus2 – Napoleon Da Legend

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