Nate Husser – HollyHood Lyrics

I’m still in the hood face in magazine x4
Verse 1:
Got rats in mah trap, but got big tv screens Gold all on my neck dishes in the sink
I can’t get no job ink all on my skinnn
Got no microwave, eat no michelines
Ridin dirty whip so clean, isn’t in his name Prolly wit a model dun forgot her name
Boy I’m livin good cause I done felt the pain
All my friends r dead, Ima just pour them drink
Left the label office went to flip a bird
Huss still in the field boi fck watchu heard
Do this for the Martin do the for the Burgz
Got my trap spot bumpin neighbours hella nervous

I’m still in the hood , face in magazines x4
Verse 2
I might go downtown, just to scope the hoes They gon want some pics, fck me for my clothes They luh me in my city erry block I go
They know it’s back to the hood after erryshow
Know it’s gang don’t play game my niggas trained to go If I wanna take a plane today to Mexico
I think I might stick around flip another 36oz
I’m the king of the trap, government think I’m broke
I’m still in the hood, face in magazine (x8)

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