NBA Youngboy’s Brother ‘NBA Big B’ Shot After Dissing King Von On IG

NBA YoungBoy’s brother NBA Big B was shot and injured and fans are linking it to his recent disparaging comments about King Von.

Shots are being fired everywhere, and this time we are not talking about rappers throwing shade or direct disses on social media. Things have gotten pretty tense since the death of Chicago’s upcoming rapper King Von, after he and rapper Quando Rondo engaged in a fight outside of an Atlanta Lounge on November 06. While Quando, who is a member of NBA Youngboy’s crew, did not pull the trigger, he is still not the most loved individual in the world right now.

Other members of the crew have also been picking up heat, with the brother of rapper NBA Youngboy and another man being peppered with bullets. NBA Big B, the brother of the Baton Rouge spitter, was shot in his leg while the other man succumbed to the injuries.

Reports circulating around social media are that Big B and the now-deceased man were shot in a different location before being dropped off at a Baton Rouge gas station. The police have not yet communicated an exact motive for the killing. However, fans are speculating that it is connected to the death of King Von and his associates. One of the main reasons for this assumption is the fact that Big B praised the shooting carried out by his associate Lil Tum. “The jokes on you, you dissed now you getting rapped on,” he reportedly said on social media following the shooting.

Quando also had a lot to say about the incident in his new song “End Of Story.” During his delivery on the somber beat, he mentions that Von and his associates were known gang bangers who probably would have dealt him the same fate if the shoe were on the other foot. His argument seemed sound to a few neutrals discussing the topic online.

Big B is very lucky to have survived the attack, or maybe it was a way for his enemies to send a message that they are not afraid to take out the persons at or close to the top. The feeling that this is not over is all too real. Do you think that NBA Youngboy will be getting involved now that his brother has been shot?

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