Necro – Head Neck Apartheid Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yo, let's bring ya to the dark side
Introduce you to head neck apartheid
Satanic rednecks like Ed Gein creep from the far side
Leaving you horrified, glorifying you dying
Gory, mortified in a mortuary mausoleum buried
My crematory rap f*cks up your grill like Tori Spelling
Her melon gets distorted, slaughter it with an accordion
In accordance with atoning audience
Hang up her nipples like ornaments
Hanging her to the death tournaments
The tourniquet wraps around your head like Venus flytrap
As my axe
Smacks you like Ike Turner clapping the lead at Tina's snatch
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Your crotch gets
f*cked by a biker, ya like it, now sit on a dagger
Butcherin' hookers and cookin' em
Cannibalistic, linguistic, linguini
Sadistic sicko with biscuits I'll put you
72 inches deep in terra firma
Rap until your heart murmur
Body parts, intestines, delicious stuffed derma

It's your final destination
Spinal separation
Massacre you on vinyl for Belial's desecration
Head neck apartheid damnation car ride

Straight to Hades ladies and gentleman
Peep the dark side
[Verse 2]
It's Necro the monarch of Satanic Ebonics
Evil Giallo erotic
You swallow machetes my motto is
I'm ready and willing for power drilling
And fake villains that perpetrate brutal musicianship
A bad copy of this
Your innards are Sloppy Joe splayed out
Covered and piss sprayed out in your pants
Once you discovered this
Murderous verbal attack of a beat
Addictive like crack on the street
Crack your skull with a bat to the beat
Then go eat
Keep it evil with a healthy hearty hate for all people
I get wealthy when robbing elderly women's jewelry stealthy
Kill all the sheeple
Light up the church steeple and f*ck a milfy
In her filthy religious twat
Then plead not guilty
You'll bleed out your orifice time for the doctor's office
A crime committed
A 9 Glock fitted in ya shitter, forced in you
A bullets on a crash course
Through your ass like a horse on steroids
Hemorrhoids major discourse

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