Necro – My Precious Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Listen to the most devastating
Lyricist ever to sever you in to 100 pieces
Deceased, heavens waiting
Nah, the Devil is
I’m on a malevolent murderous level
Embellishing and relishing in Hellishness
My fellowship of militant killers drillin’ holes in your melon
Drip hemoglobin til’ hospital intubates
Eloquent, the most innovative, narrative, satanic relative
Dramatic, sedative, automatic spray clip
Majesty of massacres
Tragedies, calamities, Amityville Horror, gat magazines
Clap at
Rap travesties, you have a disease; wack-ness
Smack em’ please, crack his knees with the bat, at ease
Hard body linguistic, narcotic sadistic
Hypnotic with the Glock biscuit, psychotic, holistic
You’ll never be sicker than this shit, Depress-ious
Vicious, maliciously insidious, freshest

[Hook x4]
We will murda
Anyone that you heard a’
Blades get inserted

Crucifix is inverted
My Precious

[Verse 2]
The bad temper emperor
Gon’ a dump a clip inside your ass and now you need a diaper
Listen to him whimper
Trim king
Whore monger mack
I’m runnin’ New York City til’ King Kong is back
Ho’s swallow the schlong and sack
I’ll strangle you wit’ your thong
While having you smoke on a bong wit’ crack
The most certifiable, diabolical, biological chemical lyrically
Blade insert in your eyeballs
Throw you off a moving plane and you hit the floor and die
Autopsy remove your brain
Take a shit on it
Urinate on it
Desecrate it
Then sell it to some rich faggot ? marinated
Third degree affliction
Burgundy is drippin’ out your girdle like a Burger King
Chicken strip dipped in
Sweet and sour
Honey mustard
Ranch, Zesty
Blast you with the Winchester gun, musket

[Hook x4]

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