Neo 10y – Unrelatable Autosexual Lyrics

The artist has an attractive, edgy, extremely aggressive and overtly sexual presence

Unrelatable Autosexual
Unrelatable Autosexual
Unrelatable, I'm unrelatable

For a second I thought I was really high
But I realised you made me feel alive
Cos You’re everything I need but can’t describe

In my mind
My mind
My mind

Entertain me
Educate me yeah
Entertain me
Educate me yeah

Cos I can feel myself
I can feel myself

You told me
And I was too scared to cry

But you bore
And i not to scared to die
What, I'm already dead

In my mind
My mind
Program my mind

In ten worlds
Don’t you see
That for tranquility
We must take a higher level

And for humanity
While we’re waiting for peace
We can vibe, ur a rebel

Cos we’re self realized
And i've opened my eyes
So it’s true that i came here for trouble

And no i don’t want to preach
So get down on your knee
Wait I’m you, no you’re me

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