New Coronavirus Detected in Men’s Semen Through STD: Researchers Reveal

New Coronavirus Detected in Men’s Semen Through STD: Researchers Reveal


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Chinese researchers said Thursday that the new coronavirus can remain in men’s semen even after they have started recovering, a finding that increases the risk that the virus may be sexually transmitted. A team at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital examined 38 male patients handled there in January and February, at the height of the pandemic in China.

About 16 per cent had coronavirus evidence in their semen, the team published in the JAMA Network Open newspaper. About a quarter of them was in the acute stage of the infection and almost 9 per cent recovered, the team reported.

This is not a surprising result. There are several viruses that can reside in the male reproductive tract. Both Ebola and Zika viruses have been found to spread in semen, even months after recovery by a male patient. Whether coronavirus may spread like this is still not clear. Finding viral proof doesn’t automatically mean it’s contagious.

Moreover, it is unknown how long the virus lingers in semen. Considers that the participants in the sample were either displaying COVID-19 symptoms or had just recently recovered. However, other tests did not find the virus in patients that had been recovered for a longer period of time. For instance, a study reports April 17 in the journal Fertility and Sterility. It involves 34 men in Wuhan, China, failing to detect the virus in patients. It is around a month since their diagnosis of COVID-19. The Times recorded that transmission of COVID-19 during sex still appears much more likely by close contact and inhalation of respiratory droplets, rather than by semen.

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