New York Warehouse Amazon Worker Dies Due to COVID-19

New York Warehouse Amazon Worker Dies Due to COVID-19


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An Amazon worker at a New York warehouse where workers have been calling for higher coronavirus safety measures has died from COVID-19, the e-commerce giant said Tuesday.

Amazon has become a lifeline for shoppers around the world who face lockdowns and constraints, and the company is in the process of hiring around 175,000 new workers to cope with increasing demand. Yet the company also faced warehouse staff and activists complaining that Amazon refused to do enough to keep them safe. Last week, more than a dozen demonstrators, including workers and activists, protested outside Staten Island warehouse.

New York Attorney General Letitia James called for an investigation in March after Amazon fired employee Chris Smalls, after coordinating a walkout of warehouse employees. Smalls reported that the company failed to take measures to protect warehouse workers from COVID-19, saying that the disease had been contracted by between 50 and 60 workers at the plant.

Amazon Assures to Protect Their Workers

Amazon said Smalls was fired after he went to work in a breach of quarantine laws. Also, after coming into touch with someone who had contracted the virus. Amazon maintains it has invested in protecting workers. It claims the infection rate at the Staten Island facility is substantially below the population average. New York is the country’s worst-hit state, with more than 320,000 cases registered, and about 20,000 deaths.

So, on Monday, Amazon vice president Tim Bray said he had resigned in protest at the company’s sacking. Also, it is of three employees who spoke out against warehouse care. Thus, Amazon in France is in a dispute with trade unions. Also, they argue that enough is to reduce contagion danger for workers. They employe in close proximity to processing a flood. It is of orders in the middle of the national lockout. France’s labour ministry said it had rejected Amazon’s request. It is for emergency funds to pay workers during the coronavirus crisis following a court order. The US behemoth shut down its warehouses to sell only necessary goods.

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